Friday, November 03, 2006

How to build an Atomic bomb revealed in New York Times: There is a front page headline on the New York Times today. It is the following and is making me literally nauseous. If the media does not make a HUGE issue of this it is totally in the pockets of those corporations who are controlled by Republicans. This is dire. If this isn't treason or at the least GROSS incompetence or the extreme of treason, I do not know what is: The New York Times front page says:

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Primer

It goes on to say that 1991 documents recovered from Iraq -- including the blueprint to build a nuclear bomb -- were posted on a US government web site. Those documents released were 1991 plans for a bomb with parts we gave them for their war with Iran. It included the know how, IN ARABIC no less, to make the trigger device on a nuclear bomb which was the essential ingredient we are supposed to keep beyond top secret.

Now, when we're peeling skin off of our flesh from the burns and radiation we we can thank the trusty let's fight them there so we don't have to fight them here Bush administration and its wholesale political treason for enlisting two Republican senators to persuade Negroponte (who was against putting it on the Internet -- duuuh) for totally political purposes. They wanted that on the Internet not to have people "vet out" information from it but to convince people who didn't know better of their so called rationale for going to war. These papers were well known to the IAEA and were kept secret because part of it was information they did not want to hand on a silver platter to potential terrorists. This is the Republiican administration and Republican Congress at work. This administration does not care about you, they do not care about our country, they do not care about our system of government. They care only about themselves, their power and ultimately their money. Wake up America
! This is a HORRENDOUS story and I don't care who reported it. It's simply awful and is proof positive of this administration's incompetence and shear insanity. This headline is EGREGIOUS not for you not for me but for our WHOLE nation, the world and the planet. If those fools are not voted out of office we are indeed doomed. I give up. I'm moving to Norway. Even there a nuclear blast will not keep me safe!

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