Saturday, November 04, 2006

Haggard and homosexuality: Someone interviewed on Keith Olbermann on Friday night said it best. Paraphrasing: This shows that the Evangelicals have it wrong. Homosexuality is not a choice it is deeply intrinsic to the human being. Obviously, someone of Haggard's stature with a wife and five children would never commit such acts if the desire was not overwhelmingly compelling within him. He had too much to lose.

There is to me, no question, that because of the difficulty of being homosexual, especially in our time, in most states, that homosexuality is clearly genetically predetermined most probably in the mother's womb before birth even occurs. It, in my opinion, has very little or nothing to do with the psychological conditioning of a child. Why this happens no one knows. Why does left handedness happen? Perhaps we will never know but it does happen and it does so in nearly every mammalian species that exists on the planet. Some day, God willing, religions will stop this horrendous persecution of people who are something that nature itself determines and will accord these human beings their rightful place in the family of man. When this happens maybe the Haggards of the world will not have to live a lie.

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