Friday, August 11, 2017

Letting off Steam

I refuse to call Drumpf president. He is as bad as the N. Korean despot, demagogue Kim. They both will get us all killed sending us into a nuclear war. The 25th Amendment would get Drumpf out and it should be used as the wheels of Mueller justice turn too slowly. There is nuclear war on the horizon. He knows about nuclear war because his uncle told him about it 35 years ago. The man does not read. He gets his information from a half page of bullet points and pictures. Sounds like I'm talking about an infant. I am. He is a child and a sick one at that.

Drumpf lies and does so ALL the time. He says he passed so many bills and has done so much. He's passed nothing. He is a fraud and a liar but to get his base to believe reality seems impossible. At this point because of the international emergency I am desperate. I would even take Pence. Sec. of State is fourth in line if the others are guilty of perjury, fraud, obstruction of justice or anything else. Tillerson, Sec. of State seems rational. I know that will never happen as I know this crackpot Drumpf will get us all killed and does not care one inch for anyone except for himself. He is SICK!

He blames, Obama for everything including living, blames McConnell, bad mouths Sessions his own supporters. I hope they steam roll him out of office. How about blaming himself for failure of the rancid health care bill the particulars of which he knew nothing. His foil was, in essence, the people who knew the Republicrat healthcare bill would screw them if passed.

Oh yes, if by some chance we survive through September I could easily see the debt ceiling not raised for the first time. That will send our economy and the world economy into convulsions. You think the 2007 Recession was bad? Just wait.


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