Thursday, June 15, 2017

Can't we all just get along?

This seems to be the question of the day as Congressional members of both parties put arms around their opposition in view of the Scalise shooting at a baseball park in Alexandria where Republicans and Democrats for a few hours get together, leave politics aside and simply have fun. He is still, sadly, in critical condition.

I often feel guilty for the passion with which I speak. In my earlier years I was a go along get along person. I formed my political left of center views in college and they have remained give or take a few more conservative times the same throughout my life. I still, though, feel the value of compromise as former President Obama did but was rebuffed

Early on, as I pursued academics, I weighed both sides of the political spectrum honestly and deeply. I weighed them for years. I gave both the left and the right a philosophical try. The right remained, at that time, too nationalistic extreme and a side which could not question American foreign entanglements that killed thousands. Patriotism on the right meant that I had to accept what I thought was unacceptable and wrong because it was my country​'s policy​. That was not a good enough reason to kill other often innocent human beings for what reasons I did not know.

Conservatism was also uncaring of those who rece​i​ved tough breaks in life one of which was being born black in a culture reserved only for whites and who through no fault of their own needed help even to simply cast a vote or drink from a fountain. It was unjust in a nation that prided itself about freedom​, justice​ and equality. Until this day I am moved and tied to those in our nation who need help the most. The Democratic Party, certainly not perfect, at least became best place to achieve help for those who could not help themselves.​ The Democratic Party became my home.​

The policies of the right, though we are all Americans, are, as I see it, toxic to the bottom of a very unequally stratified society. It is more than obvious that President Trump has fueled the explosiveness we see now by the cruel, negative and harsh tweets whether from his computer or spoken charismatically from a podium. The president's ​business conflicts of interest are gargantuan. His ​constant lies​, ​toxic negative rhetoric screams to an already fearful nation.

My anger comes from the desperation I feel if my opposition gets their way. If they get their way millions will suffer without healthcare, social safety nets and many many will die. If not for the social safety nets the Great Recession of 2007 I would have been sent into the street because Wall Street failed which it so often historically has with little or no regulation to stop its often greedy and unsavory practices. My passion, comes from the sense that even my life along with millions of others would be threatened if right wing policies take hold and I have not even mentioned the social issues the Democratic Party ​adopts and ​has given shelter ​and support ​to those attacked minorities.

It is for these reasons and the reasons of climate change, an affinity for science and more which are the rationale behind my feeling of fear, desperation and anger at what Republican policies, if they prevail, will do and have historically done. The climate will change destroying the planet eco-systemically, middle class and lower class human beings will get sick, have no healthcare or other life-saving benefits and probably, in many cases, die. Whole swaths of humanity will again become the "other." I cannot endure that as we have come too far and fought too hard for the "other" to gain a semblance of equality.

I will try to share opinion with those who do not share my opinion. I will listen to them but they must meet people like me half way. Holding hands with the other side may feel good for the moment but if the policies of the other side help only the top 2% leaving the rest of us to punt, the laws of survival will dictate I must say vociferously no.

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