Thursday, May 11, 2017


I cannot possibly summarize all my thoughts about and the facts of the greatest scandal in US history -- greater than Warren G. Harding's Teapot Dome, greater than the Lewinsky scandal of the Bill Clinton era and, yes, if you can believe it, greater than Nixon's Watergate that resulted in the first ever resignation from office of a president. Watergate was about the executive branch colluding to break into the Democratic offices of the Watergate office building in Washington. It was solely a domestic affair. The Lewinsky scandal was unimportant to many involving a president's sexual appetites and deposition alleged perjury I aver few cared about. This scandal involving US Presidential complicity with an adversarial foreign nation, Russia, is on an international scale higher than any other we as a nation have ever known. It could involve prosecution for alleged treason and other criminal acts by those in the Trump campaign, Trump White House officials or even Trump himself depending on where the FBI, which is still operating in full force, finds the essence of the collision.

Trump has fired the chief investigator of the FBI, Richard Comey. The Godfather did not say "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" for nothing. This so called president has fired and made red hot angry those loyal to Comey creating a firestorm within the FBI and beyond that will not be extinguished and is cancerously metastatic spreading fast even alienating Trump's own White House people with Sean Spicer literally hiding behind the WH bushes telling them to turn out the lights in the White House. Well, the light are blazingly on. The results of the firing of Richard Comey are that subpoenas are beginning to fly from various legal and intelligence gathering offices including the US attorney of Virginia. These are the threads that will pull down the faux garments of Trump and show that this emperor is not wearing any clothes.

I post below a must see segment of Brian Williams last evening. I suggest if you want to hear excellence in truthful news analysis of this gargantuan scandal google Rachel Maddow of course, Larry O'Donnell, and Brian Williams. Williams had a particularly excellent show with talking heads of credentialed Republicans such as Steve Schmidt, John McCain's presidential campaign manager and other Republicans. Williams and his guests were articulate, serious and brilliant. Brian Williams showed the excellence of the broadcasting abilities I know he possesses.
Yes, this is worse -- much worse -- than Watergate and it has just begun. It took 900 days for Richard Nixon to be forced from office. We are into only 110 days of Trump. Let the games begin!

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