Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Profiles in Courage

I saw, as many did, the Kennedy Center Profiles in Courage award given to President Barack Obama. I cried through much of it especially films of the Kennedy legacy and, in comparison to who holds power today, that moved me to tears. The depth of thought and deed these political giants have given to this nation are incalculable and in the case of JFK and RFK have too soon been lost to us. I can only imagine how our politics would have been so different if John Kennedy lived and won a second term to be followed by his brother Robert. Would that have happened? Who can say especially because JFK would not have continued the Vietnam War the disputation of which spawned Robert Kennedy's candidacy. Speculation, I know, is futile as we are left always with what is.

We must, as both Kennedys would have wanted us to do, to peacefully protest injustice, unethical conduct, hatred and government for and by only the rich. Barack Obama did all of that. He is a giant among men too whose example of empathy and kindness should be a beacon to us all. He did much in the face of searing hatred and the opposition it spawned. I love all of them and miss their powerful presence in the halls of power. I will not enumerate all of those inspirational things they have done but merely tout their example of what it would be like to have kind, empathetic and just people in high positions of power and how much inclusive justice they can sow.

I would like to put the former acting Attorney General Sally Yates as a profile in courage as well. Thank you, Ms. Yates, not only for your courage to testify but for your courage to do in practice what was right, just, Constitutional and necessary to hold accountable those who govern no matter how rich or corrupt they are and to say and to do what you knew was right despite the criticism and attacks you would and will get. You are the consummate professional and emissary of justice. I can only hope that you stay within government to give us and it the quality of leadership this nation deserves.

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