Friday, May 26, 2017


The Montana House seat race that Dems thought they could pull out especially when the Republican candidate punched a reporter sending that reporter to the hospital, they couldn't. It didn't matter that a Republican assaulted a reporter as it happened too late and many Montanans are allowed to vote early. Beyond that the violent nature of too many Americans prevails again.

Montana is a white state and gerrymandered to the hilt. Dems cannot win when Republicans play by their own rules and ethics is not a consideration for this ugly part of our nation. It matters not how much I work so hard to write IF Democrats cannot translate our majority into power. NON ethical Trump and his Republicans who care only for money and power will win every time just like Hitler's charisma won over a very very smart and advanced German nation. I urge you to watch Frontline "Bannon's War" it explains much. Bannon's philosophy (extreme nationalism, Alt Right neo Nazism, other extremists of the right and a clash of Christian and Muslim culture beliefs) is the spark that propelled Trump to power. White populist anger is the gasoline for the angry white part of our country who hate minority groups and immigrants they think soil the nation. Trump has given successfully that angry part of our nation a voice it never had before even though his policies would decimate his own middle class supporters. Hate is a powerful message. I strongly urge you to watch "Frontline -- Bannon's War." It explains much!

It is sad and frightening to me especially but to many who knew what this country was as a humane beacon of welcome to those who need help. Gerrymandering districts by Republicans has killed the power of Democrats. If we do not corral our progressive power our nation will, in fact, die a Trumpian ugly death!


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