Thursday, May 04, 2017

Kudos to Mike Duhigg -- "We the People," State Senate bill 349

I am with you, Mr. Duhigg, in your letter of May 3 to the Metrowest News thanking state Senator Jamie Eldridge for sponsoring Senate Bill 379. You wrote an articulate and, in my opinion, gave a correct analysis as to why supporting the "We the People Act" is so important. I support the "We the People Act" and thank Senator Eldridge, too, for his introduction of it.

Change, Professor Howard Zinn, my political mentor, always told me -- humane change -- comes from the bottom up but it takes time and patience. Some never see the change for which they so intensely and emotionally fought happen in their lifetime.

All the hundreds of thousands of people showing up in Washington, all across the nation and the globe in the Resistance, Indivisible and women's movements give us pause to hope. We know, in this nation, we are in the majority but it requires effort and vigilance to resist those who are aligned against us throwing billions at their unjust causes to help them stuff billions more into their pockets with a goal to take it all but resist we must.

I continue, as best I am able, to support humane political policy and reject the politics of hate. Life is short and because it is our tenure on this earth, I believe, must be dedicated to lending a hand to those who need it most. I believe, too, our Founders never meant for a corporation to be a person nor would they have supported money as speech. To the contrary they were, in fact, worried about the very thing that is the face of our nation today.

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