Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In a historically Republican district in Georgia, a Democrat nearly won a seat in the U.S. House. He gets another shot in a June runoff.
Stream of conscious: 

I blabbed initially too soon. So what else is new I have trouble waiting especially when Huffington was suggesting an upset win for Ossoff maybe. Bottom line:  A run off STILL is amazing as Republicons usually win this district by double digits...Gingrich's district ...  but of course Drumpf will spin it that he pulled it out at the end for the run off because he is in deep scandal s^%$.
The Cons (my new short name for Republicrats) cannot win unless they do something unfair and of course this district was gerrymandered to death. Beyond that someone said and I read that voting machines were uplifted. Would I think that impossible? NO NO NO NO and NO. Cons will do anything short of murder to win.

I made a mistake too about the generals and the "Armada" going to N. Korea. The big shot Drumpf generals who are supposedly quite good made excuses because they sent it the wrong way south and not north! They made some excuse I think about "practicing" but Rachel said they lied -- you've heard of wrong way Corrigan well this is wrong way Republicons -- in more ways then one! -- god help us!

 I know I forgot my Jesus rule of loving those that hate me and turning the other cheek!! sorry --- NOT THIS TIME!

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