Sunday, April 02, 2017

A New Hypothesis and What I Fear

A new hypothesis: First, a friend of mine said: "Think it was Bannon who riled trump with misinformation to divert/ distract the public from what was going to be revealed about Flynn. When Bannon realized his lies were getting them in deep sh&^ he used Nunes . And then used those two young WH administrators."

My Comment:

There was a post on Huffington from billionaire Mark Cuban who knows Trump but is NO supporter of Trump who said that Trump was "too clueless" to think about colluding with Russians. I am reformulating my hypothesis thinking my friend is right about the Obama spy episode and that Trump would not think of that because he is too stupid which I have thought all along. That the idea was, I now think, in fact, Bannon's who used Nunes as the useful idiot and the other two experienced jerks in the WH who should NOT be privy to national security info because they are so inexperienced were used as useful idiots by Bannon too. Bannon the white supremacist is ruling the roost. Trump is drowning and in way over his head. He is unfit for the presidency as we who loathed him always said.

How anyone even if they are "conservative" would ever want to be a part of this theater of the absurd I will never know. Pence is now going out there and spouting the mantra of jobs while it is said Drumpf is hunkering down avoiding the scandal. One could even say they are ALL using Drumpf only to acquire power and money. The cabinet posts taken are inconsequential to them as Tillerson, for example, I have read, hides out, won't make eye contact with those in State who are career professionals and someone like Rick Perry destroys an office, Department of Energy no less about nukes. He knows not one thing about nukes and did not know what that department even was about.

In the final analysis the WH remains inoperative and we the people are left SO vulnerable at risk. Even infrastructure something that we need so desperately this "president" so weakened by it all and, even if he wasn't, the so called "Freedom Caucus" will never go, for example, for infrastructure spending. Trump's budget they will not condone.

In the end our government will be shut down and the rational have no ally in the White House. The only silver lining I see in this horrific administration and do nothing Congress mess is 2018. I think they could all including the "Freedom Party" in large part be voted out. Problem is if the Executive branch can't be cooked until 2020 we are all at risk as this nation's enemies are lying in wait from now until then to strike. That is what I fear.

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