Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Rachel Maddow's expose of Trump's 2005 tax return was, perhaps, disappointing. It did not tell us a lot except it told us what Trump made for the tax year 2005 only and that he paid $38 million in taxes but that was all. It left out REAMS and REAMS of information vitally important to most everyone and that is WHAT are the SOURCES of his wealth?

I believe Trump himself sent those measly two pages of a 2005 tax return to David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize winner, who wrote "The Making of Trump" and studied Trump for 30 years. He brought it to Rachel. It put Trump in a rather positive light but not much more was revealed that needs to be revealed. Perhaps, it will prompt someone to expose what the American public most importantly has to know. We MUST know if our national security is compromised through his association with Russia, China and other adversarial and even non adversarial nations. We MUST know the SOURCES of his wealth and to which banks such as Deutche Bank fined $10 billion for money laundering, the Bank of China which lent Trump massive money, and the troubled Bank of Cyprus with which Wilbur Ross, Trump's Commerce secretary had to cut ties. There is, of course much much more.

Rachel and her staff are NOT stupid. She knows what she is doing and would not be bamboozled by Trump or anyone else. Either she has more OR she ramped this tax part up hoping it will now be a bulls-eye concentration on everything else about which we the people have a right to know prompting other and more important things to see the light of day.

Rachel already has reported on the potential alleged Russian criminal sources of his wealth -- through money laundering of Russian oligarchs, mafia types and kleptocrats as well as his own HUGE conflicts of money making interests illegally making money through his winning the presidency. Rachel has made these complex subjects as clear as she possibly could given the sparse information that one can get about Trump's tax returns. She has made some things transparent but we need to know the details of it all. We need to know SOURCES.

Stay tuned to the myriad of investigations that will be held. In truth, only a special prosecutor can tell the nation what is so necessary for our survival to know. This is serious. We cannot allow us to be trumped by the sleaze of Trump lest this crackpot president steal our national soul laughing all the way to the bank -- Deutche or otherwise!

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