Monday, March 06, 2017

Donald Trump's Worst Deal

The link below is yet another story in Trump's war chest of conflict-of-interest business deals around the globe. It is written by Adam Davidson in "The New Yorker." Trump's conflicts of interest we know are legion and he refuses to divest himself of any them placing them in his children's sighted "blind trust" control which is not a blind trust at all. He will never reveal his income tax filings (as all other modern day presidents have) lest we find proof of exactly what he owns, how interest conflicted his properties are and perhaps even find out the many impeachable offenses -- not the least of which are his well known ties to an adversarial power, Russia. This transaction, however, one among so many others, could be the worst of them all. It involves as Adam Davidson states the fact that "Trump helped build a hotel in Azerbaijan that appears to be a corrupt operation engineered by oligarchs tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard." That money is used by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran for the funding of terrorist activity all over the world.

Not only is this alleged transaction illegal but it would be, in fact, treason if proven true. I do not use that term in this instance lightly. I take a small bow as I put up the facts of this very illegal Trump transaction in a link on my Facebook page hours before Rachel instructed on it as part of her primary story last evening. She, of course, sets it up much more perfectly than I ever could. I post along with this sordid story by Mr. Davidson Rachel's link below which she entitles "Sketchy Trump deal eyed for potential corruption, ties to Iran" explaining it in understandable almost poetic prose as she details why this is Trump's worst deal and interviews the author of "The New Yorker" article as well. Rachel, in my opinion, is a national treasure.

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