Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Trumpian Malignant Mendacious MESS -- Checkmate

The Trump Papers are WORSE -- MUCH worse -- than Watergate. There is no comparison. What idot runs for the presidency with as much financial baggage and potential nefarious activity as a Donald J. Trump? It is why he is so bad at everything he touches. He is a DOPE. Everyone let's him get away with everything -- his wives, his children, the woman he allegedly raped who signed the court dismissal with a confidentiality clause. I am wondering for how much. How about all those Gloria Allred women he is alleged to have abused? How about his friend Epstein who spent years in jail for sex with young girls. Trump said Epstein was a lotta fun and that he stayed at his place. Oh I bet Epstein was a lotta fun -- the rumors swirled. Why were they not chased down? This man wanted to occupy a holy place after all. Only Billy Bush paid for the Access Hollywood tape that was not Billy's fault. Billy should have kept his job and Trump should have been FIRED!

The monstrosity Trump is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on taxpayer dime because some people had their brains tied to their posterior. Why the American electorate who voted for him could be that stupid I will never know. Why was all that was sleazy about this nasty dude dropped? What about all ALL his business conflicts all over the world that just went away into thin air? What about the post office near the White House turned into a Trump hotel where he is still making illegal money. Why when he went to Cuba illegally was that was dropped. He has his baby chicks control his business assets as if they will not say a peep to him. It's ALL unethical if not illegal as the money he allegedly laundered for Russian oligarchs is in the mix. It's ALL coming out. He and his corrupt, evil, sickening minions are going down as he is in DEEP trouble. It is simply NOT too bright to alienate the CIA, Department of Defense, the National Security Agency not to mention the press. It's not smart to alienate the deep state by overturning decades of balance of power politics to deep kiss Putin's ugly mug. This will NOT be let go no matter how much he whines or that he is president of the United States. He is in TOO deep now and big surprise, Donald, this is NOT a corporation (although it sometimes acts like one) and you are not a king!

The question is knowing what he must know about himself so he would not release his tax returns why would he attempt the presidency where the spotlight is on a candidate constantly and will be on him with a 24/7 magnifying glass if he gets the job. Read David K. Johnston who studied Trump for 30 years and knows so much about him and it's not pretty. His book "The Making of Trump" is excellent. All one had to do is read it to know a vote for Trump is a vote for a mephistophelean monster. According to Johnston yesterday Trump has been doing business with the Russians for 30 years!

Republican legislators care about the 1% and their own bank accounts. They care nothing for most everyone else. Why would anyone white, brown, black, yellow, blue collar, white collar, man or woman ever vote for this Cretan when they figured out his CON and that Mitt Romney was right? He put a score of billionaires in his cabinet -- that should say it all not to mention the racists in his administration occupying a seat of political blasphemy in the people's house. The White House today should be painted with the word SHAME AND SHAME ON ANY WHO VOTED FOR THIS MALIGNANT MENDACIOUS MESS. CHECKMATE!

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