Thursday, March 23, 2017

A National Nightmare

I fear and I am afraid. I know so many -- even the majority -- loathe Trump as much as I do. The damage to this nation this unfit-for-the-presidency monster and his merry men have inflicted upon this nation is so huge I simply hope Democrats, some normal Republicans and our national security forces can keep this nation together.

I am afraid that Trump is leaving this nation vulnerable alienating ALL those who keep us safe, alienating our long-time allies in NATO and alienating other friends who have spent blood to help us overseas. Trump now is making us ripe sowing division for an adversary to hurt us.

I pray the normal ones in Defense with our CIA, NSA and FBI are keeping us safe while this Manchurian monster president, his team with help from the money of the 1% are trying to kill us, usurp the spoils leaving nothing for the rest of us while Russia emerges as balance-of-power top dog taking this nation down. This is a national nightmare. I am hoping that I will wake up, it will not be true and there is sanity in the White House, Congress and the Courts again.

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