Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Trump Trumped by Putin

I have thought for quite some time about Trump's affection for the autocrat Putin and his suggestion that Putin hack the DNC email that something seemed to be awry in Trumpland. Trump's dig-his-heels-refusal to release his tax returns so that we the people can see what investments, monetary entanglements and possible conflicts of interest Trump may have with not only Russia but many nations around the world as well.  His spiderweb of investments compromise his presidency and places our nation in danger. The Manchurian candidate Trump as Russian stooge and useful idiot to the former KGB useful idiot expert Putin is suspect.  It is alleged pay to play at its worst.  Trump does not love Putin because he likes looking at him half naked on a horse and Putin surely does not love the orange mango president Trump for his money.  No, Putin has plenty of that.  Both Putin and Trump get something out of their mutual admiration society.  Trump gets debts forgiven and Putin gets to invade Eastern Europe thereby getting his old empire back.   Allegedly the FBI and the CIA are on a warpath of investigation but I advise not to hold your breath.  While Trump waits for a volcanic eruption that he thinks will never come he continues to rake in billions from the presidency.  That was what his con was all about. Trump's Washington hotel with his name on it is collecting millions for him as foreign dignitaries stay there to court favor with the American president. That is patently illegal as was his travel to Cuba when it was against the law to do so.  Remember, he could shoot someone in the middle of New York City and get away with it. 
The New York Times reported: 
It was Trump's assertion that he has "no deals in Russia" that seemed especially noteworthy. He said something similar last month in a pre-inaugural press conference, telling reporters, "I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we've stayed away."

To the extent that reality matters, Trump and his business team did not "stay away." The New York Times reported a few weeks ago:
Mr. Trump repeatedly sought business in Russia as far back as 1987, when he traveled there to explore building a hotel. He applied for his trademark in the country as early as 1996. And his children and associates have appeared in Moscow over and over in search of joint ventures, meeting with developers and government officials.

During a trip in 2006, Mr. Sater and two of Mr. Trump's children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, stayed at the historic Hotel National Moscow opposite the Kremlin, connecting with potential partners over the course of several days.

As recently as 2013, Mr. Trump himself was in Moscow. He had sold Russian real estate developers the right to host his Miss Universe pageant that year, and he used the visit as a chance to discuss development deals, writing on Twitter at the time: "TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next."
Trump once told a biographer, "I know the Russians better than anybody."
Why are his words not used as proof of his lies?

The so called M16 CIA agent who put forward the dossier on Trump's Russian connection is now in hiding and one of the two Russian agents cooperating with M16 is dead and the other is lying in a coma near death. That says something thing doncha think?  There is much to the Putin Trump Russian bromance that does not smell like a Valentine rose.  It smells toxic.

Trump has besmirched every friend of this nation from Australia to Mexico to NATO safeguarding our Eastern European allies from Russian encroachment while Trump says nary a word about the build up of Russian forces on the border of Ukraine where attacks have occurred nor does he say anything about Russian usurpation of Crimea nor Russian ventures into Georgia.  All Trump can think of is to drench a heaping dose of Putin praise on him.  Just what does he like about this murderous autocrat who kills those who dare oppose him even murdering reporters? 

As Shakespeare would say "something is rotten in Denmark."  I can smell high crimes and very serious misdemeanors a mile away.  It is the great con he is perpetrating on the American public and seemingly getting away with all of it. He is using the power of the presidency for the money he can milk from it while he places billionaires of no qualification in cabinet positions of power and former Goldman Sachs employees sit at Trump's side as advisors. One former Goldman partner and hedge fund manager, Steven Mnuchin, has even been nominated as Treasury Secretary. This comes from a man who was going to "drain the swamp."  Must I say again he IS the swamp!

The Manchurian Russian connection is by far, though, the most distressing.  I believe he is in debt to the Russian oligarchy, banks, and even to the Russian mafia for billions.  That is the guillotine Putin holds over Trump's fake orange haired head.  When asked by Mr. Conservative Bill O'Reilly why Trump likes the murderer Putin so much.  Trump says there are plenty of murderers out there and what is so clean about our own nation anyway.  Republicans must have adored their president saying that speaking almost like Noam Chomsky, the Darth Vedar of the Right. 

I say, Putin, thy name is blackmail.  Throw in some Russian prostitutes and the plot sickens, I mean thickens. Trump is scummy enough to be involved since, as he said, he cannot help himself when it comes to touching women.  I cannot prove the Russian prostitute connection but I feel it intuitively since sex tapes were mentioned within the M16 dossier context and Putin just coincidentally happened to mention how nice Russian prostitutes are. I wonder why Putin said that.

This president is the most corrupt, noxious, malignant, narcissistic liar that ever set foot into the oval office. One should NOT be afraid of Muslims one should be afraid of Trump. Donald Trump's administration is an existential threat to democracy.  It is a white nationalist and white supremacist threat from the highest echelon as he nominates white supremacist and antiSemite, by his own admission, a Leninist, Steve Bannon, as
a regular attendee to the Principals Committee of the National Security Council. I believe Trump is the true Manchurian candidate sliding into the presidency just barely through the electoral college back door while Hillary received 3 million more popular votes. Trump, though, has been trumped by Putin and both know it.  I just hope we are not trumped by Putin too!

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