Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fractured Lands

I came upon this in depth article from the New York Times again and began to pick up where I left off.  I think there is no better analysis of the history of what went down in Iraq and the surrounding nations in the Middle East nor I do not think one can get a better understanding of this nation and its allies' contribution to the mayhem that exists until this day.  I believe it explains why this nation and its allies MUST take responsibility for the refugees that emerged from war making on a nation that did nothing to us and its resulting chaos.  The article written by Scott Anderson is breathtaking in its scope.  Read and you will know what your nation has done and continues to do in your name so that it should never happen again. 
"Watch out, Mr. President, once you break it you own it":  Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George W. Bush about the danger of invading Iraq.  August 5, 2002

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