Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Too Much

Because of the staggering voluminousness of the Trump corruption and how he is draining the swamp -- NOT -- I link multiple posts of equally important issues now on the horizon for Drumpf.  You should take each VERY seriously and at the end I have a suggestion.


Blogger Sandy Levy:  No words! It's happening. Everything we feared.

The tweeter in chief wades into the fray over Kim Jong Un's remarks on his country's nuclear capabilities.

Yes, we all know Republicrats are SO concerned with unbiased ethics. BS....they gut the ONLY unbiased ethics office in the land to be taken over by Republican majority ethics committee. What could possibly go wrong and WHY does the other INSANE half of this nation think Republicrats will do something for them? They won't!

 I urge you if you have not seen it already watched Rachel re: the Indonesian massive copper, silver and gold mine story. Indonesians were at one of Trump's rallies and now it becomes clear why. You will not believe it or yes, you will believe it. The owner of this massive massive copper mine is the major stock holder Karl Ichan, Trump's buddy. The Indonesian House leader was caught ON TAPE in a shakedown for extending the mining rights 20 or more years BUT the tape suddenly disappeared by a judge declaring it irrelevant. So the speaker stays and Karl Ichon is the major stockholder of the most massive copper mine in Indonesia will get his 20 or whatever more mining rights. Watch Rachel for better clarification. Your jaw will drop OR maybe it won't because again nothing surprises me. How utterly MORONIC has it been for the people to put into power the uber corrupt Republican Party in not only the House but the Senate and with its phenomenally conflict of interest President Drumpf -- but scuttle the neutral ethics office and don't get Trump on his MASSIVE conflict of interest realities. Yeah, take away health insurance for 20 million middle class and poor who need it, ditch the neutral ethics office but let the conflicts grow. Where to start writing on that? I throw up my hands or just throw up!

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