Tuesday, January 17, 2017

To Tell the Truth

This is an interview of Matt Taibbi by Amy Goodman from Democracy Now conducted today. (See link below) I just Kindled the book Matt Taibbi wrote entitled "Insane Clown President -- Dispatches from the 2016 Circus." Taibbi is brilliant, knowledgeable, qualified and an eminently principled investigative journalist. I urge you to get his latest book and/or listen to this interview.

As guardians of our nation's policy both foreign and domestic, it is important that we tell truth to power and that especially good journalists tell truth to us. It is from them we acquire much of the knowledge we have since most of us cannot go behind the scenes to get it. We the people choose what we read and to whom we listen. I try to read and listen to the most knowledgeable, humane, intellectually credentialed persons I can find. It is sometimes hard ... I would say VERY hard ... to get all the facts right. Moreover, some things to me have been intuitive.

Trump is doing just what I thought he would--filling his cabinet with the apex of rich men (and one woman.) It is the richest cabinet in this history of our nation filled not only with oil magnates and alleged inside traders, right wing extremist attorneys but also with his own whipping boys, Goldman Sachs. How his minions cannot see the hypocrisy of this I will never know. What does that say as to how he will govern? It is no surprise to me. I knew the king of mendacity could never be believed nor trusted when he utters his seemingly populist faux message to his base. At the risk of redundancy, he lies ALL the time. He will not clean the swamp as I have said many times. He IS the swamp.

Investigative journalist, Matt Taibbi, will tell you honestly, cogently and I believe objectively what the Trump is really like as he chronicled it in 2016 . You would do well to listen and/or read what he has to say.


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