Thursday, January 19, 2017


I am reading over some of your messages and I must say you are NOT alone. I am along side you. Every day I get up is a day I know there will be more of the creature who is not my president, to hear and more to see. We will see him and hear about him for at least four more years. The ONLY thing that helps my significant anxiety and depression laid at the feet of this utter electoral debacle is the fact that we have known -- all of us of a certain age -- have known the life we were forced to lead when the revelation of our truth meant danger to us in so many ways. I survived that time and you did too and MOST of us I aver survived it as well.

We live now with the thought that rights gained with our blood, our sweat and our tears we had before will be taken away or maybe given to the states to decide. Even so, we STILL have more rights and will keep more rights than we did so many decades ago. The generations following us will see that remains so.

In whole -- and I believe this -- that while the courts surely can help us but may now reverse course we STILL remain truthful to our cause and to our spouses if we are lucky enough to have them. Some things they cannot no matter how many laws they pass or how many rancid excuses for human beings screaming against us from the pulpit they have, or how many court decisions may be handed down they STILL cannot take away what we think, what we feel and whom we love.

I believe, maybe I'm wrong I don't know, that Trump will not set his obliterating sites on us. We'll see. Maybe some of his Court appointees will not hurt us. It has happened before that a once conservative justice turns fair where human rights are concerned. 

Almost no one straight I know does not have a sibling, a friend, a cousin, a mother, a father, a teacher, a neighbor, even their own child or someone else they know and love who is gay. I have to believe we are better off now than we ever were before. Keep fighting!

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