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Oh my god I think I'm going to faint. This is the first positive news (outside of the Ethics Office reversal) I have read in it seems years but let's say weeks since Drumpf won something he never should have won and to which he is unfit -- the presidency (See link above.) As the reversal of the shutdown of the Ethics Office by Republicons shows WE CAN SEE THAT RESISTANCE WORKS, CALLING WORKS, BECOMING INVOLVED WORKS!! Never give up, never give in, keep the pressure on this unethical rancid administration and the GOP controlled House and Senate who seem to fall in line and are frightened of Drumpf. Make sure they do NOT fall in line by making your opposition known, heard and felt!!!!! AND OH BY THE WAY JOIN THE MILLION WOMAN (AND MEN) MARCH IN WASHINGTON A DAY AFTER THE NOT-TO-BE-WATCHED-INAUGURATION OF THE WORST PRESIDENT IN POST CIVIL WAR AMERICA HISTORY.

Other insane, mean, ridiculous GOP bills that MUST be stopped: An end to the CFPB (Consumer Protection Financial Bureau), and The Reins Act:

The Reins Act By David Roberts of the Gist written in 2013 and oh so relevant today:

[REINS] would require that every “economically significant” federal regulation (one that has an annual impact of $100 million or more) be affirmatively approved by Congress. Again: no rule would go into effect until it has been voted through by both houses of Congress and signed by the president. If a regulation is not voted on within seventy legislative working days of being sent to Congress, it is “tabled.” That is, it dies.

It’s difficult to overstate how radical a change this would represent for U.S. government. It would subject fifty to a hundred regulations a year to the partisanship, rancor, and gridlock of Congress. Every rule would be a new opportunity for lobbying and industry influence. Worse, legal observers say the bill does not clearly prohibit a filibuster in the Senate, raising the possibility that a determined minority of forty senators could effectively shut down federal rule making. REINS would not overturn the Clean Air Act or shutter the EPA, but it would end forward momentum in environmental law, freezing it in place.

Obviously Republicans are FLOODING Democrats with a plethora of outrageous legislation to overwhelm us and try to force us into retreat. NEVER RETREAT, NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER SURRENDER your life to legislation designed to hurt the middle class and the poor and hand even more outrageous power to Republicons. DO NOT LET THEM. KEEP CALLING, KEEP BLOGGING, KEEP WRITING AND KEEP PROTESTING THEIR disgusting attempt to hurt us and help the 1% billionaires to gargantuan sums of cash but who need no help. They occupy all the seats of tremendous power. They have entered the halls of power in overwhelming numbers by lying to the American public about what they intended to do. They are NOT here to help you. They are here to take all FROM you. 

There are no words for Republican mendacity and their planned eradication of the middle class while taking all we possess with them killing America and its American Dream!

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