Wednesday, December 28, 2016

While Democrats Slept

I suggest Republican politics in our time is dangerous to those who are the poorest and most vulnerable in our nation. It is even dangerous to the world by its denial of human contribution to climate change to which 98% of all scientists who are not part of the fossil fuel industry agree. Our parties have diverged in polar opposite directions -- Republican policy favors the 1% richest, dedicated to eliminating Wall Street oversight and regulation, erasing healthcare and the elimination of the so called entitlements of Social Security, Medicare (Medicaid) privatizing them risking middle class economic well being to economic recessions and depressions which history shows are the pitfalls of capitalism and are sure to come. The Democratic Party is dedicated to helping the poor, the disabled and the dispossessed to achieve our nation's promise of justice within the American Dream that has been denied them for so long. It is dedicated since FDR, when the economic times dictate, to allowing a needed government assist and hand up when necessary. The Democratic Party is dedicated to ensuring the civil rights of all of its citizens and is dedicated to reducing climate change by advocating not only for more fossil fuels but by strongly advocating for alternative energies and planet saving fuels which in turn will create a plethora of jobs. The Democratic Party is the Party of science. We believe in science and its ability to improve and save lives.

In view of that I believe we must strengthen the Democratic Party nationally by employing a 50 state strategy and by electing both young and experienced Democrats with academic and political ability like a Keith Ellison to shore up our base leading the Democratic National Committee and support a charismatic and articulate Tim Ryan from the all-important state of Ohio to, at some point, win the job as Speaker of the House. We MUST have solid leadership and Democrats must be ORGANIZED in a non argumentative style committed to even compromise among ourselves while never letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Moreover, we must, I think, mirror the modus operandi of our opposition and that is fill governorships as well as state and local legislatures with our own. Democrats should copy the Republican Party's playbook which depleted Democratic ranks through the gerrymandering of districts thereby filling them with Republican majorities. It was done with little notice or caring by Democrats across the nation. Now, we should, ourselves, stand strong and deny those Republicans in power EVERYTHING they want. Republicans in the numbers minority nationwide have won it all while Democrats slept. Republicans own the governors' seats, the state legislatures and even the courts all across the nation. Worse, they own the federal legislature of both houses of Congress and soon will hold the majority in the Supreme Court because of our nation's temporary insanity electing the least qualified and even a possibly mentally ill Republican candidate to the presidency. It is all hazardous to all of our health. 

Worse, still, Republicans, used nefarious new Jim Crow tactics of voter suppression aimed against those persons who usually vote Democratic. These states that do that must be brought swiftly to justice by any and all legal means necessary even with SCOTUS weakening the Voting Rights Act. We must find a way. Republicans cannot and must not be allowed to get away with these tactics of injustice used against those who do not have the means to fight them. All Democrats in power and of means must do the fighting for our bretherin's rights that they cannot do on their own. Most of all Democrats need to ensure our constituency GETS OUT TO VOTE. Opposing racism and access to economic ascendance is our Party's promise and we should fulfill it in our time. Doing anything less is unacceptable as our nation's democratic survival depends upon it. RESISTANCE to Republican Trumpian crackpot politics of demagoguery is mandatory.

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