Thursday, December 15, 2016

Putin's Useful Idiot

A Facebook Blogger wrote: I'm more concerned with Sweden moving their ballistic missiles closer to the Russian boarder. And Russia moving her tanks and platform launch missiles to the boarders of Sweden and Norway. The three Baltic States preparing for a Russian invasion and being told by the rest of NATO not to count on NATO to help. And let's not forget China flying nuclear capable bombers over our ships in the South China Sea and using their ships following ours around in international waters.

I'm hoping Canada and the UK can step up and help fill some of the void we leave. President Obama was right when he said no other nation was capable of filling our role. Check out the world without us. It's about the world with an isolationist United States.

My Comment:

This gives me a rather altered view of post WWII US foreign policy which I often criticized and still do to an extent but I rethink things as events change. There are reasons for things. This is not a soft and fuzzy world. Of course, I still maintain the most EGREGIOUS US foreign policy blunder in our nation's history was the Republican W. Bush's invasion of Iraq and its destabilization of the entire tinderbox Middle East setting up this so called clash of civilizations the effects of which are so dangerous to our nation, the world and the planet.

The potential horrors with this insane dolt Trump as president rearranging the allied configuration since WWII, that is the consequential problem. I can surely see now, although I did not want to see it this way in the past since Vietnam, why some of US foreign policy was and is now necessary until it will be torn apart and fractured when this essence of evil takes the presidency. The US has been and, yes, not always rightfully, a massive check on the almost innate aggression of man. Putin does not give one rat's petuti about Trump nor Tillerson. What he does care about is hegemony and power probably set to invade the Baltic states to regain Russian power since its "Iron Curtin" days. This nation under Trump will do exactly nothing because the Nazi-like extreme nationalist so called "Alt Right" Bannon large part of the Republican Party likes Putin as a white Christian bulwark against their perceived threat of brown Islam and as for Trump he has debts to pay.

They talk about a clash of civilizations and they just may get what they want. Unfortunately, we of progressive goodwill and advocates of democratic humane and peaceful policy will be kicked to the side of the road UNLESS we demonstrate vociferous opposition to this vile unfit humanoid getting set to take the most powerful office in the world and ally himself with one who wants all the useful idiots he can get!

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