Thursday, December 01, 2016

Bribery at Carrier Swamp -- It's a Brave New World

Trump's so called jobs saving effort convincing Carrier Air Conditioning not to ship its American jobs to Mexico is a sham. Yes, jobs were saved as Carrier says it will not move BUT at what expense? Trump achieved the agreement at the expense of the Indiana taxpayer when Vice-President Elect Pence remaining as governor of Indiana until the January swear-in saw to it that "Indiana taxpayers will pay $700,000 a year and Pence will approve the expenditure on the 13th. It does not need to go through any review or voting process." [citation unknown.] It is essentially a bribe using state taxpayer money so Carrier would not relocate from the US to Mexico. Where is Trump's fabulous business negotiating skill and promise NOT to use taxpayer money but rather to make the corporation pay? It's shocking -- NOT!

Trump said he was going to drain the swamp but, as I have said repeatedly, he IS the swamp. He said he was going to make companies that take their jobs overseas pay a hefty tax when they want to sell their goods back into the US and screamed against the DC legislators' swamp when it uses taxpayer money written into one bill or another as a bribe for corporations to get what they want but that is EXACTLY what he did this time at Indiana taxpayer expense. If a Democrat did that the uproar would be cacophonous! Can you spell LIAR? So what else is new? Trump and his minions lie by the carload.

Will Nancy Pelosi, the newly re-elected Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer do something so that we in the progressive majority of the nation are not crushed by the Republican national minority which has sought power and gotten it through the gerrymandering of state districts and suppression of minority votes especially black and Hispanic votes? Persons of color should vote no matter what obstacles unethical Republicans put in their path. That is easy for me to say but it must be done, in truth, to save what remains of a democratic middle and working class nation. Democratic leadership should ensure it be done. Democrats loudly and unbowed must hold Republican feet to the fire!

The Democratic National Committee and others who care about justice should help minorities vote if the hardship is too great for one to bear and bring all the power Leader Pelosi's and Senate Minority Leader Schumer's Democrats may have to bear (1) to elect Democrats to both federal and state offices (2) to scream loudly and clearly for investigation of soon-to-be President Trump's Constitutional Emoluments Clause (Article I, Section 9, Clause 8) violation that his massive foreign business holdings incur (3) implore the Democratic National Committee to do what it can to help Democrats vote upending Republican vile, nefarious and unethical voter suppression of persons of color in both state and federal elections.

Trump is doing what he said he never would and that is placing in high cabinet positions the lap dogs of Wall Street most especially the oft hated by Trump, Goldman Sachs. I am SO surprised -- NOT! If Democrats held even one tier of Congressional power Republicans and Trump would NEVER be allowed to do what they are starting now to do even before Trump is sworn in. The House under the contemptible Republican say one thing but do another Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, refuses to allow investigations into Trump's massive conflicts of interest his national and most especially problematic his international holdings present. Chafetz held House hearings galore into everything Hillary which went nowhere but cost the taxpayer MILLIONS! Surely, the obviousness of Trump's flouting Constitutional law demands scrupulous investigation. If this doesn't then nothing does.

Where is the public outrage at Carrier Swamp? Welcome to Brave New World!

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