Monday, November 21, 2016

The Generation of Hate

"Killing Obama administration rules, dismantling Obamacare and pushing through tax reform are on the early to-do list."  See link below.

If one reads the link below one will see how much -- the middle class, minorities, the poor and many others who are among the unlucky ones to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune -- have to lose. The Trump presidency with their Congressional Republican majorities is poised to pass devastating legislation obliterating decades of hard-fought-for-programs and enacting massive tax cuts for the 1% unless the usually spineless Democrats in the minority can muster unusual-for-them explosive opposition. This time, however, President Obama will not be there to veto but a Trump presidency will be there to sign it.

Ultimately, over years, the national debt will balloon to trillions more as the fantasy of trickle down economics lives up to the progressive indictments of it. It will fail but the richest 1%, of course, as the last 2007 Great Recession proved, will not suffer. In fact, they will gain. The middle class will be devastated the most as it shoulders yet again the burden of another Great Recession to come or even a revisit to the 1929 Great Depression. Regressive time travel is Trump and his Republicans' recipe for progress but it will not be progress for the middle class and the worker. It will be a Mar-a-Lao table of opulence set for the top 1% and we will be their servants or we will be dead and who will care?

I fear the protests against Trump's hateful policies we saw after his election will stop or significantly slow just as Occupy Wall Street did because it is hard to keep momentum of that especially in the cold winter months. Legislation will pass that is devastating to the middle class and the poor but euphoria to the top 1% richest. This nation, at least part of it, has elected the single most ugly and the single most destructive elements to power who will devastate those who have little and will fall like a ton of bricks on the immigrant, persons of color, the poor and anyone else who is considered a minority or the other.

Brace yourself even though the other is truly the majority who voted for Hillary Clinton by a projection of 2 MILLION popular votes. We are the mandate but lost our power to the machinations of the outdated and archaic electoral college.

Internationally, this nation is now and will be the feared among nations as The Greatest Generation fades into history and a new era -- The Generation of Hate -- emerges.

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