Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Chickens Come Home to Roost

If this beast Trump does not win, at some point his name will mean poison as now his 65 story Trump Tower in Toronto goes belly up. More Trump signs will be removed from buildings to which they were attached and he will not be able to sell his name to a Mafia don. Ultimately, he is such a rotten businessman running on bankruptcy and non payment of workers like a car that is running on fumes, he will lose his ill gotten gains because no one will lend him money since he does not in full pay back his debts. Would you?

After his resounding loss, which may, in fact, happen, the only one he will have in his corner is the KKK and the National Alliance f/k/a American Nazis. Good luck with that, Donald. Do you think they will spare a dime when you, god willing, end up on the street. Nope, they will be super angry with you! Have fun with that as non-violence is not a word in the right wingnut extremist's dictionary.

Oh yeah, by the way, is Melania going to be deported or jailed since she lied about her visa card as she allegedly initially entered this country and worked when she was NOT authorized to do so but said she was. That is a felony, I believe, and she can either have her citizenship taken away, end up in jail or be deported. The chickens come home to roost!

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