Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Has the entire nation gone insane? I feel like I've been having a nightmare and when I wake up the reality I wake up to will NOT have a President Elect Trump in it. This nation is in deep trouble as our nation's adversary, the Republican Party as it has now morphed, is poised to take it all and they are trying to and have done it already through gerrymandering and voter suppression. They will have the Presidency, the House and Senate majority.  Worse they soon, when Trump is in office, will have the courts and by the way they control much of the media's message.  Another justice such as Scalia will tip over the civil libertarian progress honed over decades and place power into the hands of mostly white oligarchs returning this nation to the 1950's and earlier robber baron eras. Trump will be nominating Jeff Sessions for attorney general who will go after the rest of the Voting Rights Act. All the human rights legislation created under Lyndon Johnson such as the Civil Rights Act which saw a new day for those who were, for 200 years, kept out of this nation's bounty is at risk of falling halting our nation's human rights progression and returning it to those previous eras. 

We will and are now beginning to know what the face of fascism looks like. America, you have just sold out your nation because you just simply do not like the color of a person's skin!  This is the most horrific historical time I have ever experienced bar none. I now realize what my parents saw as the rise of Adolph Hitler stood imminent for them.  At least during WWII the Democratic president fought for the values of the founding of this nation as the nation put Roosevelt in office four terms to save it.

When the media is controlled the news is controlled and there is no bulwark Fifth Estate to stop the Trumpian madness. I now can understand how those Germans who loved democracy must have felt before it fell as fascism and the Nazis came to power through the ballot. They thought Herr Hitler would never do what he said. We now know he did and 70 or more million dead throughout the world was his legacy and proof of it.  President Roosevelt and a Winston Churchill fought for the democratic values that founded this nation. The nation in our time progressed. It is now poised to regress. What happened to us that we let this Republican Party run amok and those of us who love democracy were asleep at the switch?  What happened that a corrupt minority in this nation could gain such immense power to rule over the majority negating every positive civil libertarian legislation so many have given their lives to craft? 

Trump's conflicts of interest are legion and stagger the mind.  He claims the president is immune from requirement to divest himself of those businesses which could and will conflict with national policy so he will not do that and his children are NOT blind trusts.  The nation will be his personal cash cow using taxpayer money to enrich him and his family beyond their wildest dreams.  Will Democrats meekly shrink as they often do from their responsibility to stop this madness? One hopes not! 
I am buoyed that those beings with some humanity still exist in the majority of this nation as it faces through nefarious means rule by the minority.
Trump said he was going to drain the swamp but he IS the swamp and claims the president is immune from the requirement to divest himself of those businesses which could and will conflict with national policy. 

We have never faced a democracy obliterating president such as Trump.  Will Democrats meekly shrink as they often do from their responsibility to stop this madness? One hopes not!
  Democrats, progressives, persons of color, Hispanics, Jews and yes, American Muslims, the disabled and others who amount to the majority of this nation should not let the minority create the impending doom of our democracy. Keith Olbermann in his last opinion in GQ on the Internet mandates the nation RESIST; Resist non violently but resist and do NOT let up.
Our Founders now are beginning to spin in their graves!

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