Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hope

The political arena is explosive. I and am sure you are so tired of listening to anyone about it anymore but it is like a bad accident -- I cannot look at it and I cannot look away. We have only two weeks left.  Either we elect a sane woman with excellent credentials who has, I believe, the most valid academic and professional experience to lead us the most powerful nation on earth or we plunge our nation, perhaps, into civil war with global consequences as a psychopath will be entrusted with an arsenal of nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.

This psychopath knows how to dupe the masses.  I loathe political comparisons to Hitler but the Trump phenomenon makes this appropriate comparison necessary to evoke.  His Hitlerian tactics, like the Hitler rallies at Nuremberg (1923-1938), are staggering.  It defies credulity that Trump gets as much support as he does BUT his opposition has more IF we vote.   I know why it is said and he is alleged to have a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed. That is, for me, believable.

Please, please, please, tell everyone you know to reject the charlatan Fascist-like liar and sexual predator proven to be so over and over and over again.  The women who have stepped up to tell the truth about him are, perhaps, the bravest of all putting themselves at great risk. The groups driving Trump's "campaign" trying to capture his deplorable base are the most virulent panoply of rightwing extremists and shock jock conspiratorialist crackpots ever assembled. Those who are in love with the NRA and follow Trump are capable of great violence toting the assault rifles they say they love so much.

Trump offers, as his defense of his bestial behavior against women, nothing but lies.  He denies them but video tells the truth.  His no policy policies are  buttressed with the old Protocols of the Elders of Zion antiSemitic canards long debunked as pre-revolutionary Tsarist Russian propaganda that has plagued the Jewish people throughout history culminating in the Holocaust killing of the 6 million.  Trump is a Fascist-like demagogue who will bring chaos to our nation and nations around the globe if he ever gets to the White House which I believe he, IF WE VOTE, will not.  He insults Muslims and Jews, Gold Star parents, judges, persons of color, Hispanics, women, the disabled and many more.  We have ALL heard the proof for ourselves running 24/7 on cable news and we have seen videotape of his rallies that are infused with lie after lie after lie.  He simply cannot tell the truth and he simply must not win. 

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