Saturday, October 22, 2016

Out of the Shadows

A friend, a decidedly Progressive one, related the following comment he received on his blog:
Some knucklehead named John Svelt just left the following comment on the latest piece on my blog:

"You're a disgusting race traitor or a goddamned jew."

Here was my answer:

"I am a race traitor. You got me there. Although not a Jew, I am, in fact, an honorary member of the international Jewish conspiracy."
It was a good, even humorous, response but in truth there is nothing funny about this longest hatred or any race hatred. Being Jewish and old enough I know they, the Jew haters, are SURELY out there. When the times present they will seize a rare opportunity to spew their venom of hate and hope for power. In the US, before Trump, these hate groups existed on the political periphery in forms like Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party or Tom Metzger's "Race and Reason" and there were many others. In more modern times many also found life in the Republican Party fringe.

I do not know what kind of pathological cerebral configuration exists in their minds, how they arrived at the ridiculous conclusions that they do or whether it is simply a combination of nature/nurture but these Trumpian times have given a unique opportunity for the so called "Alt Right" to emerge out of the gaseous shadows of their primordial soup into the light.

I believe most of America is basically good but then again so did Anne Frank also believe in her heart that people are basically good. In view of her sad fate in another era we must in ours beware, be vigilant and never let these crackpots gain power. Power is deadly in Trumpian hands. No one will be safe, not you, not I, not your children and not your children's children which is why Trump, who gave these extremist malcontents on the right a forum MUST be crushed. Our nation on November 8 will be fighting for its life. GET OUT THE VOTE EVERYWHERE FOR HILLARY CLINTON.

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