Sunday, October 23, 2016

Highway to Heaven

Clinton is on the highway to the White House. To those who question any part of the Clinton Foundation I have this to say as one blogger did: This is how charities operate, you schmooze with them and they donate. Giving speeches to help the less fortunate is not wrong.(87 percent of Clinton foundation money is spent on actual charitable works)

I say: Yes, and she did not use the money to buy a 12 foot painting of herself! Clinton's taxes unlike Trump's forever faux audit tax excuse are out for all to see. Clinton is NOT stupid, she's an attorney and has the BEST campaign support on planet earth. No one is going to risk the insane inanities and flagrant ethics abuses if not allegedly illegal behaviors of Mr. Trump. His negatives including his sexual abuses are the size of Everest and if one has a few hours one could list a mountain high size of questionable if not unethical and allegedly down right illegal behaviors galore! Next to Trump Hillary Clinton is a saint! Politics, as the compromised Christie said perhaps his only truth, is not beanbag. It is a blood sport and one must know how to navigate the shark infested waters without sinking the boat. 

The dangerous fascist Trump is dead in the water, his ship has sailed a LONG LONG time ago. Our nation should thank god that will be so!



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