Monday, October 31, 2016

A worthy article in the Metrowestdailynews and My Comment below it

"Dangerous times in East Asia" by Lloyd Kaye…/letter-dangerous-times-…

My Comment: Lloyd, I just happened on your opinion when perusing the Letters section of the Metrowest News. Significant kudos are in order for a wonderfully written piece on a very complex international issue about which I am sure 98% of the US population has not a clue to its context. That I can accept because 98% of the US population does not have to know about the Pacific rim alliances and political maneuverings BUT a president must know.

You are completely correct Donald the foreign affairs ignorant knows exactly zero about this and other multi-layered foreign policy issues. In fact, he knows next to zero about most issues except for the one or ten incongruous sentence(s) he knows he can use to get his know nothing base at his rallies to scream in ecstasy because they think they have found their messiah's easy answers to all national maladies.

As president foreign policy details that are necessary to know are mandatory. If Trump, god forbid, wins, I would venture to say he could not even find those areas on a map.

What in god's name does it say about a nation one half of whose populous chooses an ignorant, crude, lewd, blustering blabberer for its major party's presidential nominee? The nation would rather be transfixed on no scandal scandals of a presidential nominee who DOES know about the issue(s) of which you speak. It would rather, too, direct its attention to the sexual psychopathology of a candidate Trump who does not.

Trump is a clear and present danger to this nation as well as an embarrassment and a joke, albeit a serious one, to the rest of the world.

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