Friday, September 23, 2016

What a President can do -- Thoughts on my good news--my shadow

I am rethinking my ebullience of last night after listening to Rachel Maddow’s very hopeful unique summary of election events.  I begin to reflect and the pessimism that has a front seat on my shoulder takes over the view.  I begin to think I will look less than analytically stellar if Republicans mount an effort on election day and God forbid win.  The correctness of my analytics means nothing but all of our futures do, indeed, mean something.

Before Rachel’s show last night I listened to WGBH which had a segment that discussed what would happen in a Trump presidency.  The damage that low life could do to our social fabric is heart stopping.  My heart sank.  Trump, if elected, could do IMMENSE harm to all the positive things those who, over centuries, were dedicated. Many gave their lives so justice could prevail.  All of the positive social change can be overturned in a near nanosecond by a narcissistic always mendacious blob of humanity Trump who could occupy the most powerful position in the world – the American presidency. 

What could a president Trump do especially if he carries a Republican Congress with him and even if he doesn’t?  Answer: TONS.  Some things include the obliteration of the nuclear deal with Iran which would allow Iran to immediately begin building nukes stopped under the agreement.  Iran directly has stated just that.  A president Trump could change the face of SCOTUS backwards into prior centuries stopping a woman from controlling her own body or gaining equal pay for equal work, nullify the world's climate change agreement, eradicating the Affordable Care Act placing 20 million without health insurance, lowering an already painfully low minimum wage, an immigration round up of 11 million human beings many of whom built law abiding lives over decades having children born here who are Constitutionally citizens, building a wall costing billions to keep humanity out, and not allowing Muslims to immigrate or Syrian and other Muslim refugees in at all.  The policy on Muslims is particularly odious since this nation began an Iraq War that resulted in the breakup of an entire Middle East.  The mayhem the Bush presidency created by that war Trump SAID he was for and the horrific Syrian Civil War we see today are ramifications of it.  We will close the doors to those people in desperate life and death situations which in large part were created by our own malevolent war based on lies.
Moreover, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (a truly bipartisan group) came out with their report saying Trump's revised economic plan would add $5.3 TRILLION to our debt (his original program would have added more than $11 trillion), while HRC will add only an additional 200 billion dollars to the budget and get more bang for the buck because most of Hillary’s increased spending will be paid for by higher taxes on the rich.

Trump has already profited more than $8 million by charging expenses to his campaign.  He collects rent from having his national HQ in the Trump Tower, charging for his plane and putting up his entourage at Trump hotels.  Yes, he is the essence of unethical conduct and also the king of self-dealers.  Self-dealing using other people’s money gleaned from one’s own supposedly charitable foundation to pay one’s own bills is illegal and Trump has done that.

If one looks at it semi rationally (well I try) the Republican Party is in a shambles.  It is split right down the middle and then some.  Many so called "establishment” Republicans with all the power they enjoy will not vote for the crackpot Trump and some will even vote Democratic.  The Never Trumps meant exactly that – Never Trump. 

Hispanics by Trump’s vow to round them up and persons of color who are witnessing an attempt to shoot them down guilty or not are realizing hope resides only within the Democratic Party.  Third parties, in our time, are NOT the vehicle to solidify social changes that have been earned over centuries through blood, sweat and plenty of tears.  I am hoping what happened in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma will bring out the black vote even though Obama is not on the ballot as their future is at stake.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will expand human rights not curtail them and will ensure Obama’s legacy and not obliterate it. 

Yes, the president can do immense damage to humanity hence my happy volcanic eruption when I heard a positive assessment for Hillary.  I hope the happiness lasts and that shadow which sits on my shoulder does not perfect a hostile takeover.


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