Thursday, September 15, 2016


Yesterday that mental blowhard Trump went to Flint, Michigan allegedly to find out how they were ameliorating the horror of lead in their water perpetrated by the Republican Governor Snyder.  Trump took the podium in a black church and began in front of few to talk NOT about the most salient Flint lead-in-the-water eradication project but rather talked about how horrible Hillary engineered the economy!  Is this know nothing serious?  What did Hillary have to do with the economy as a solitary senator or Secretary of State that this liar-in-chief thinks she completely failed to fix?  The female black pastor of that church ended Trump’s talk nicely telling him to not wax political.  He meekly agreed and snakely slithered away.  It was nice to watch.

It’s the economy, stupid? I think not but I do think Trump is, in truth, stupid.  No, I do NOT think he is as smart as he puffs himself up to be.  In business he has encountered at least 6 bankruptcies while stiffing his construction workers of their pay.  His main talent is that he knows how to con better than a Harold Hill of “Music Man” fame or the religious huckster Elmer Gantry.  He made some money by dodging and weaving tax law, making use of bankruptcy law and not paying his workers what they earned.  The entertainer, Trump, has entertained well.  We need, obviously for him to put out his taxes which he refuses to do so that we may see the extent of the wool he has pulled over some not so bright eyes.

Yes, I am sickened that the rancid, mean, rude, crude vitriolic, lying blowhard con man that is Trump sometimes is ahead of Hillary in some swing states and that the election is this close.  With all of Hillary’s experience and all the fabricated issues the Republicans have used against her, costing the taxpayer millions, and which she has weathered so well she should be double digits ahead against the most deplorable know nothing candidate to ever have historically run for the presidency.

I will though look at the glass half full.  Hillary still leads nationally and most of the present polls against her, I believe, have little merit.  Obviously, coming down with a case of pneumonia in the most important phase of her campaign taking her off the trail for four days is not, for her, a plus.  Add to that the totally unnecessary health frenzy surrounding it by the army of Trump which played into the Alex Jones School of Conspiratorial Lunacy and the media's unnecessary obsession with her health skewed the polls in Trump's favor.  Few called out the Dr. Oz circus tactics of Trump’s own health letter role out.

If Hillary returns from her short sick leave today and IF, god forbid (yes, I pray now, too,) no relapses occur to add to the crackpot rightwingnut health conspiracies AND if she can fend off the know nothing bully that is Trump in the debates then I think she will recapture much of what she lost.  The 26th of September debate SHOULD I say a cautious SHOULD put it away for her barring Trump usurping the stage with his ever growing insulting big mouth.

From Trump's fake health letter by his gastroenterologist which my own personal opinion says is in Trumpian style and that Trump wrote it having his gastroenterologist sign it to yelling inanely about Hillary tanking the economy and failing at everything, the Republican presidential candidate is a nut job menace. All his foreign business entanglements some with adversarial regimes, Middle East precarious allies and even dealings with criminals puts him and us, if he becomes president, in the cross hairs of madness.  Trump is a sick narcissist as the illegal purchasing of the 6 foot painting of himself with Trump Foundation money can attest.  An author (name unknown) wrote a book about Trump entitled "Sociopath."  I think that says it all. 

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