Sunday, September 11, 2016


It is September 11. Today marks the 15th anniversary that our nation was so dastardly attacked by the most severe assault in this country's history. We should all, one would think, stand together but, alas, we could not be farther apart and we are still,15 years later, at 9/11 war.

I am sad for September 11 and sadder still for our very divided, angry and violent nation. What has changed since then? Some things have for the better changed but much has gotten worse!

Hillary now is being criticized especially by the Republican monster candidate Trump that she erred and insulted those who support him because she said many were "utterly deplorable." She walked back only the scope to which she refereed but not the content.

I, of course, think Secretary Clinton utterly correct because Trump is SO egregious, so insulting and so rude to so many, including in his own Party, it is the height of hypocrisy to accuse her of so little when he has perpetrated so much. The unjust, insulting and untrue comments this Cretan Republican has made against the innocent staggers the mind. The things he has said, if Hillary had said them, would be a game killer for her.

She said something about the human content of his campaign that is in fact true. His campaign IS loaded with DEPLORABLES. It composes, even in its hierarchy, right wing extremists reflected by the KKK who love him, white nationalists, Breitbart dirty tricksters, antiSemites, Duck Dynasty stupids and those who would do anything, even if illegal, to win,

Trump has made huge assaults against his own ally Republicans like "captured McCain" that are, in fact, deplorable assaults but he gets away with them. Trump's entire campaign is a never ending deplorable that concentrates on sensational superficiality but never on the particularities of the issues because he knows NOTHING about them.

It is a revolting, dastardly and deplorable development in which we the people and the electorate find ourselves. This deplorable ugly American, Trump, MUST be crushed or he will crush the nation and take us down with him!

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