Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dr. Wizard of Oz

Guess what? Dr. Oz is a Muslim -- a secular one but a Muslim nonetheless. When hate groups attack, and there has been an abundance of attacks against Muslims, also Jews, gays, Hispanics and others around the nation, the attackers do not care if you are an observant Muslim or an observant Jew or not.

This is a fabulous article posted below. It is sickening that this is happening, of course, in our nation of immigrants and this rotten-to-the-core syrup of Ipecac requiring right wingnut Nazi type white supremacist part of Trump's base is having a field day supporting him and attacking others!! Not only are Muslims at risk but so are guess who? Jews, Hispanics, gays and of course persons of color but Drumpf's supporters who may not be violent do not get it.

We SHOULD here and around the nation VOTE in November in droves for Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the opposite of hate. The theme of her campaign says we are "stronger together" and I believe this to be true.…/dr-ozs-epic-fail_b_12046834…?

Dr. Oz And His Epic Fail | Huffington Post
Donald J. Trump released his long-awaited medical records (if we can call them that) this week on the 'Dr. Oz Show'. In true showmanship manner, he got ...

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