Sunday, August 21, 2016

Young Voters Flee Trump -- I can't believe it

In response to Jeff Jacoby's Sunday Boston Globe, August 21, 2016 editorial "Young voters flee Trump" (linked below) what can I not believe?  I cannot believe this most liberal progressive as I am  thinks the nearly always conservative Jeff Jacoby's snap shot of young voters' response to the Trump-stained Republican Party is 100% correct.  This must be the first time in which I agree with every sentence of the article Mr. Jacoby wrote.  He is spot on accurate.  Trump has been a death wielding cancer on the Republican Party that showed profound impotence to fund a credible NeverTrump pharmacological movement to try to eradicate its fatal disease.  Now it has become a genetic mutation whose DNA will be carried from generation to generation.  If a Party loses the youth vote it loses its future.
I have never supported a Republican for president but I never loathed Dole, McCain or Romney as much as I do Trump.  Trump is an obnoxious right wing extremist fringe category unto himself.  Although I personally cannot say I was overcome with the vapors for Ronald the Adored Reagan, a president whom Jeff Jacoby loves, I will admit to the likeability of the man.  He was in one word nice.  Nice is not a word used in the Trumpian dictionary to describe Trump.  Rather the words ugly, miscreant, malevolent, and mendacious to describe Trump come to mind.

The GOP is not and has never been in modernity the Party of Lincoln.  That is fabulistic.  It does have its nascent roots, however, in the 1968 white racist Independent Party of George Wallace that won the deep south. The Republican Party of red took over from Wallace and happily fostered its fringe. The fact that Mr. Jacoby thinks that Republican Party is gone forever makes this progressive very happy.  I can only hope that Jeff Jacoby is correct!

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