Sunday, August 07, 2016

What a Wonderful World -- Gorgeous

This is a Youtube from a 1989 show that someone sent to me. It is that for which I and those who ally themselves mostly within the diverse Democratic Party are fighting. It is a gorgeous rendition of "What a Wonderful World" featuring some of the nation's most brilliantly talented women.

As I replayed the video embedded within is a small pop up ad (perhaps more than one) to my dismay appears. Simply "X" it out as ironically one may be of the Republicon presidential candidate whose name is so noxious and repellent to me I will not and do not have to mention it here.
Apologies if it appears but know it must be embedded within the link and is OBVIOUSLY not my doing!

Enjoy the Youtube. Then in November vote and if you can work for the ONLY nominee for president who possess superior intellect and a plethora of experience, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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