Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Obama/Clinton created ISIS. Really? Really?

Excuse the lack of well constructed prose but the accusation by Trump playing in the media 24/7 that Obama/Clinton created ISIS and rarely rebutted must be addressed. I will do the honors.

Who the hell could believe that stupidity? If Trumpet a/k/a Drumpf a/k/a Small Hands Donald KNEW anything anything at all about ISIS and its etiology -- which he doesn't -- he would know it was an outgrowth of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Al Qaeda was NEVER EVER in Iraq as Hussein hated it but it emerged because Georgy Porgy Know Not a Thing Bush ordered the mayhem that was the Iraq War based on WMD LIES and proceeded to blow Iraq up while fracturing the entire Middle East. ISIS, more extreme than Al Qaeda, proceeded to take territory taking advantage of the Syrian civil war as well.

President Obama has killed THOUSANDS of ISIS and taken back territory that ISIS took after the US left including at least 25% of Fallujah where hundreds of US soldiers gave their lives for that god forsaken place. Obama was elected to get us out of Iraq and the Iraqi government wanted us out -- a Status of Forces Agreement which Bush signed agreed that the US would leave. Can one imagine what a field day Caliphate clash of cultures ISIS and Al Qaeda then too would have had the US stayed? It would prove their point that the west is waging a war against Islam. ISIS would have killed HUNDREDS if not thousands more Americans.

President Obama was damned if the US left Iraq and damned if it did not. Why? Because another Trumpian like idiot Bush decided to launch a war based on lies in the first place. Can you imagine what Republicrats would do to Democrats if Iraq was begun based on lies on their watch and if a Democratic president did not heed the warnings based on the PDB Bush received before 9/11 that Al Qaeda was poised to strike in the US but then that president went on vacation to clear brush? Can you spell impeachment, w a r c r i m e indictment, imprisonment or worse?

This is what happens when the American electorate in their wisdom does not care about intelligent leadership. Trump has not a clue, as the vice president said, as to what he is talking about. He is a know nothing just like Bush. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

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