Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's Try

I lost sleep last night worrying about the potential assassination of Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, because of Trump's malevolent words of madness urging his Second Amendment supporters to take matters into their own hands if they do not get elected whom they want. Even if one does not love Hillary Clinton one should worry about what the Cretan of cacophonic discourse said. Nothing short of the demise of our Republic is at stake.

Trump cannot defend what he said. What he said matters not because anything he says is brilliant but because his supporters often are not and take his words seriously. Not only are those who support him not brilliant they are prone to violence as well. Two brutes in Boston beat up a homeless man at the beginning of Trump's campaign. They thought Trump was advocating they do so. Trump could not care less about the immorality of what he says because the only virtuous empathetic morality Trump has is to himself.

Avoiding Second Amendment remedies in the form of violence to change a political process was SUPPOSED to make us different in the future from the Europe our Founders knew in their past. Maybe we are not so different after all. Maybe violence is in our DNA and cannot be changed. I hope that is not the case. I rather love this nation warts and all. Everyone else whose ancestors braved a dangerous journey to get to Lady Liberty's shores should as well.

Benjamin Franklin, as he emerged from the Constitutional convention in 1787, was asked : "Doctor, what do you have, a Republic or a Monarchy? Franklin replied "A Republic IF you can keep it." Let's try.

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