Sunday, July 24, 2016

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ TO RESIGN! Kudos to Secretary Clinton, the president and the DNC.

I do NOT have delusions of grandeur. This a.m., though, I put my money where my mouth is and called the Hillary campaign expressing vociferously my anger at the email someone at the DNC sent to try to make hay out of Bernie's religion or lack of it to try to win the primaries in W. VA and Kentucky. I do not let things go that I think are important and this leaked email trying to find out about Bernie's religion or lack of it to get W. VA or Kentucky for Hillary in the primaries made me see RED. I was furious. Maybe someone heard.

It played into just what the Bernie people were saying that the game was rigged in favor of Clinton. It should NEVER EVER EVER have been written by anyone connected with the DNC. If you are vying for high office hackers in our age pose a risk and will nail you on it if they get the chance. You NEVER EVER if you are running especially for high office send an email you would not want seen on the front page of a newspaper.

KUDOS to Secretary Clinton and to the president if Wasserman Schultz resigns. The bull was immediately taken by the horns and SWIFTLY taken down. NOTHING but NOTHING can give Trump even one smidgen more of a possibility that he will win in November!! Tip of the hat to the Dems if in fact Schultz resigns!

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