Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Tsunami Trump

The Republican Party hasn’t been a productive part in a two-party democracy for a long time, but a crushing loss this fall could force it to change.|By Thomas L. Friedman

I am praying for and writing about the same things Tom Friedman states in his wonderfully written editorial linked above. Until this very moment I thought what he said and its reality would prevail. The networks cannot, however, stop their blather talking Trump 24/7. They say the polls in swing states are drawing closer. If God forbid this monstrosity Trump who loves uneducated people and white supremacists wins I will be, unusual for me, at a loss for words to describe the disastrous and monumental tsunami that will befall our nation. 

Benjamin Franklin said after the Constitution was formed and he was asked what type of government they had created. He answered famously "A Republic IF you can keep it." This is the most profound question of our time to see if in fact in an age of Trump we can. Our Republic with a Donald Trump at the helm is clearly is at risk. Will we keep it? Of that I am not so sure!

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