Thursday, July 28, 2016


A quick note as I have no time to write more, however, if you did not see the DNC last night you must see a replay of it by any means necessary!

The president's speech was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT as he made the case for Hillary and against the loathsome Trump and more. (Trump stood on the edge of treason with his Putin statements yesterday but that's another story.) The president spoke great oratory in the mode of FDR, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. I heard it all but It went on so late I could not listen to all of the MSNBC commentary of Rachel, Larry O'Donnell, Steve Schmidt, Joy Reed and others (who were wonderful.) Even Schmidt the conservative commentator was overwhelmed the speech was that good.

Moreover, if you get a chance to hear the two others before the president, Michael Bloomberg the former mayor of New York who spoke in support of and why Hillary do see it. And Leon Panetta the former CIA head too gave a wonderful speech making the case for Hillary and against Trump. It was a little marred by a few rude anti-war protestors in the back. These people who do that are insane, rude and UNNECESSARY. We are in the company of allies! Enough criticism, that was minimal compared to the rest.

GREATEST broadcasting event I have ever heard and seen in my life. There is a surprise at the end which I won't spoil if you have not seen it. How Hillary is going to exceed that tonight I do not know. She will do the best she can as no one has the oratory skills of the president. I LOVE the president more than I can say. I wish he were in four more years!!! If I am blessed with nothing else in life I am blessed experiencing that age of Obama! There will never be another one like it.

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