Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For those of you who have

Netflix I recommend a WONDERFUL documentary entitled "Citizen Koch."  Yes, it is the same film the Koch Brothers allegedly were successful in squashing when PBS, once a great public education network but now Koch Brothers and their minions controlled, did NOT want to air it.  PBS caved and never did show the film BUT Netflix is carrying it. 
If you want to know just how big the corporatist agenda is and how they hoodwinked middle and working class white America watch this film.  The majority of the tea baggers that are screaming in the insanity to elect Donald Trump have fallen for the effort of the 1%.  Why?  I have my opinions. 

After the election of Barack Obama, the first black president, the Republican Party in their voracious zeal for wealth and power co-opted these millions of middle and working class white voters into supporting them because they knew those voters could not stand our first black president.  Yes, in my opinion, it is all about race and the desire, by any means necessary, to deny the person of color power by super paks financing elections to elect Republicans, gerrymandering districts to ensure Republicans are elected, controlling state legislatures, cutting voting areas in Democratically minority districts, cutting the times and days one can vote, requiring Voter IDs thereby denying minorities the RIGHT to vote by making it harder TO vote for mainly persons of color and Democrats. 

Moreover, Governor Scott Walker's cutting of public unions through Right to Work legislation eviscerated the Democratic vote further.  He gave tax cuts to the wealthy, cut jobs and pensions from public workers and drove the state into debt.  His Right to Work affinity is in truth the right of state workers to be unemployed!  So called "right to work" is camouflage for anti Union.  Unions protect the rights of workers, their salaries and benefits through collective bargaining.  It is an old story and one with historical legs.
Republican goals now are to scathingly and vituperatively demonize Hillary Clinton so that the keys to the Supreme Court kingdom will be handed to a court FILLED with those of a right wing ideological bent of the deceased Anton Scalia, and NOT in the interests of the middle class, the working classes and the poor.  It will be slanted rightwing extremist for generations.  And there are the social issues too.
If you have Netflix or can find this documentary film in other venues watch it and see how the Koch Brothers, their supporters and political operatives control the reins of power by manipulating those who either do not know any better or who are dedicated to the elimination of all minority influence thereby usurping power.  Do NOT be deceived.  The 1% wealthiest like Donald Trump are NOT in  any way about any of us!


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