Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Bernie -- Short quote-- Summary Point--From the Bottom Up

Below under my italicized comment is a poignant Bernie quote from his speech last night. I aver this election is more than Bernie and even more than Hillary. Howard Zinn, the brilliant historian and my social conscience mentor influencing the development of my politics, always told me that change comes from the bottom up and not the top down. And so it has been that way with the major social and economic changes and movements perfecting them that have come to this nation in response to history's suffering that comes to all humanity. Our nation has lasted because there are institutional methods to change a nation. We did that last night and we will do it in November if you work for it and vote. On to the November election and let's win it for ALL of us by supporting our Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and sending Donald Trump, an extremist right wing racist demagogue, using a Ronald Reagan term, to the ash heap of history!

The excerpt from Bernie's speech last evening:

"After ticking through his campaign's accomplishments and thanking his supporters, Bernie Sanders aimed his fire at Donald Trump.

“Our campaign since day one has understood some basic points, and that is, one, that we will not allow right-wing Republicans to control our government. And that is especially true with Donald Trump as the Republican candidate," Sanders said.

“We will never support a campaign whose major theme is bigotry, who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims and women and African-Americans," he added as the crowd booed.

“We will not allow Donald Trump to become president of the United States," Sanders said.

Then he pivoted to his main campaign themes.

"But we understand that our mission is more than just defeating Trump, it is transforming our country," he said."

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