Saturday, May 21, 2016


Sorry all my compatriots who are Bernie lovers, I am now completely not one although I see his appeal among many progressives. If Bernie truly loved the nation and truly did not want to see Drumpf, God forbid, in the oval Bernie would bag his ego, take the influence he has had on the Democratic Party which is huge and soon get out of the race. He needs to take the concessions the Democratic Party is offering him and throw his support STRONGLY to Hillary as well as to other down-ticket Democrats knowing it will keep the horror that is Trump from the halls of power. It will, perhaps, return the Senate to Democrats ensuring a progressive Supreme Court justice replacement for the devastation the now deceased Justice Scalia caused. It will keep all the humane policies Obama created safe from the clutches of those who want to repeal his entire presidency and plotted to do so from the very beginning of it. This must not happen.

Politicians (and Bernie is a politician) often care about their own ego before anything else like the good of the country. Bernie has run so hard he cannot stop even though he must to unite the Democratic Party. If he does not unite the Democratic Party and the Democratic split is responsible for a Trump win Bernie will forever be relegated into the ignominious ash bin of history as Ralph Nader was sixteen years ago ultimately handing the nation 9/11, thousands upon thousands of deaths and a fractured volatile Iraq-driven Middle East courtesy of the know nothing Bush.

The chances of Bernie getting the policy he craves with a Trump presidency is zero. Hillary has been forced to run to her left and that is a good thing. Bernie's candidacy did that. It is time to stop, take stock of one's chances, see that they are zero and unite the Democratic Party. Most especially there can be NO violence lest a Republican Nixonian result occur as it did in 1968. There is NO OTHER WAY but to unite the Democratic Party. I do not care how idealistic one is -- reality speaks! When the doctor says someone is sick and gives one a prescription to get better one does what one is instructed. Getting electorally burned again is not a prescription for wellness. It is a prescription for the cancer that is Trump and the Republican Party returning power to reactionary Republican hands. This is unacceptable. Unite the Democratic Party and save the nation from a fatal burn!


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