Friday, May 13, 2016


Anyone with one half a brain has understood from the beginning that nearly everything Donald Trump says could be proven a lie.  Those who count the lies candidates make have said during the debates and on the campaign trail at least 71% of what comes out of the carnival barker Trump's mouth is a lie.

Now that he is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party his statements, his life and the lies he tells will be microscopically analyzed by the Fourth Estate (hopefully) and regurgitated for the scrutiny of public review.  Running for the presidency in the general election we know is a lot different than running against fellow Republicans in a primary campaign.  Trump will be subjected to a layer-by-layer microscopic examination of his life.

It has begun as I write this since we now know the picture of the presidential race.   Today, the Washington Post revealed that Trump for a long time had called into talk radio programs with various descriptions of what was going on in his private life including his sexual prowess and indiscretions pretending it was not Trump who was calling but someone else revealing the dirt about him.  The tapes were, in fact, ALL Trump and -- don't be stupid, Trump supporters, -- tapes of one's voice can be subjected to the analysis of science which has already occurred.  The voice on the tapes is, in fact, Trump's voice because science has said it is.  He cannot deny it.

The financing scam of his primary campaign is just as it was revealed by savvy politicos months ago.  One merely had to read.  Trump said -- no he bragged -- that his primary presidential campaign was self-funded beholden to no superpac thus not compromising his "policy."   We now know for the general election this has changed and that he is accepting outside funding. In fact, for the primary Trump took out a $36 MILLION dollar loan which now that his campaign will be accepting outside funding from Pac money for the general election the $36 million he borrowed for the primaries can be paid off by the general election funding that he will receive.  That's legal except he did not want the electorate to know it.   To put it another way, Trump waited until the general election before raising funds from Pacs so that his debt in the form of a $36 million dollar loan for the primary election could be paid off in the general election courtesy of Pac money he will accept.  Could this be robbing Peter to pay Paul?  Who could have guessed? Cute very cute even Bernie Madoff would approve.

Then there are his taxes.  He refuses to release them as he says they are being audited.  He is counting on the low level intelligence of his know nothing supporters to accept what he says even though he does not have to wait for an audit to be completed to release them and, indeed, can release other years of his tax reports that are completed.  If he had nothing to hide and was telling the truth he would reveal his tax reports as it would add to the veracity of his campaign.  I aver there probably is something, even many, bombshells to hide. By his own admission he pays as little taxes as possible while you, the middle class, carry the national freight.  The abominations add up.  No doubt there will be infinitely more. 

The Republican elite knew of Trump's deceptions and worked hard to form a Never Trump third Party campaign but alas they were too late.  Apparently, those who work for and support Trump do not think any of the plethora of the lies he tells will matter.  Except in national and international policy they will matter and their consequences will be life threatening and even, potentially, nation ending. 

Donald Trump, there are few places where one can hide anymore.  If you are not on tape you will be on video.  You can run but you cannot hide.  I hope your legs, Mr. Trump, are bigger than your tiny hands because you will need them to run away from the truth as fast as you can. 

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