Tuesday, May 10, 2016


"I kind of wonder how the Republicans will feel after they realize that they have done their "party" in for good. The chickens are coming home to roost. They have spent their political capital over the years gerrymandering districts, making it harder for people to vote and pushing a failed ideology. Before I get jumped all over about that failed comment, keep in mind; conservative Ideological purity in both Kansas and Louisiana have left both states near bankrupt, unable to provide the very basic services a state needs such as medical care,hospitals and education. Even the football program at LSU is under the knife due to lack of funding. Cant help but notice that all those wealthy individuals who benefited from the huge tax cuts that caused these problems are not trickling down to save these or other programs. We only prosper as a nation when we all prosper. So they will run against Trump because he is not a "principled conservative", subvert the will of millions of (r) voters and lose anyway. The idea that they could get 270 electoral votes in this scenario is as delusional as, well, they are."

Sue Brief fellow blogger and compatriot!.

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