Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shakespearean Tragedy

The link here or below shows what the Republican beast has turned into. This from a man, Trump, who supposedly wants to "Make America Great Again." It is unfathomable what this man's candidacy is threatening to do. It makes the revolt of the 1968 left wing look like a birthday party.

Trump's campaign according to this article in The New Yorker is threatening delegates who will be attending the Republican convention that if they subvert his candidacy (by playing by the rules) in any way they will disperse all the delegates' phone numbers and hotel room numbers to the mob. Yes, read the article above or below but caution: do not let your jaw drop while reading.

If Democrats ever threatened something like that they would be horse drawn and quartered or arrested forthwith. If this is true as the article portends the Trump campaign  will get away with what amounts to criminal threat. If anything like that happens especially if someone gets hurt or god forbid worse the GOP is done, cooked gone from the American political landscape and none too soon for me. They are already in the fry pan waiting for the fire. This article in The New Yorker it is Shakespearean in its tragedy and epic in its potential consequence.

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