Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Loathing Trump BUT

Dare I say, loathing Trump SO entirely as I do, I cannot disagree with him with respect to the insane, interminable and never ending primary process. It is SO convoluted and opaque that it takes an MIT degree and the memory of an elephant (pardon the pun) to figure out the so called delegate "rules" that can go on for 20 rounds if they cannot reach the ever powerful nomination number. I say MAKE IT SIMPLE and fair. Hold primaries, in states that want them with WINNER TAKE ALL. Delegates to the respective conventions should be sworn to uphold the tally of how the voters vote in each state.

The convention should be a formality simply totaling the primary votes. Do away with the remnants of the smoke filled room using the Jacksonian spoils system trading the spoils of war for a vote. We look like a third world nation which, in some respects, sadly, we are in this economic oligarchy that exists at the moment.

I want a Democrat who can win. Let the voters determine it. I want Hillary because she is the most capable, has endless experience and can do the job. In my opinion Bernie is too old, looks it, is a one issue candidate and appears as the scold some who know him say he is but if the voters choose him I happily will agree and the DNC should too. Alas, power. does not work that way. Will this endless presidential season of endless Trump never end? I hope it does end with the Democratic nominee as president!

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