Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Arsenic or Ebola.

Hugh Hewitt, conservative extraordinaire, was on MSNBC commenting on the Wisconsin primary results. Why he was on not once but twice I have NO idea. He said Cruz is one who could win against Hillary Clinton.because the Supreme Court is in play.

Really?? Really MSNBC?. Why have that conservative Cretan on a progressive channel talking smack? If that ugliness happens that Cruz takes a cruise into the Oval Office I'm off to Antarctica. Cruz the right wingnut extremist will NOT take the presidency even IF Hillary does not win Wisconsin tonight.

In one week Wisconsin will be a distant memory that 1/2 the electorate will not remember. If you ask the man on the street who knows who won Michigan they would not know.. Cruz will NOT beat Hillary. That prediction I will not have to walk back. Perhaps I was a little too quick predicting Wisconsin. The exit polls were looking much better for Hillary which is why I made what looks like a rather inept Wisconsin prediction...Okay I'm wrong on Wisconsin but I will NOT be wrong on the presidency if Cruz is the Republican nominee.He will NOT walk into the Oval. It is a choice on the Republican side between arsenic and Ebola!

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