Friday, March 25, 2016

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‘Only the Dead See the End of War’ by Michael Ware (link below)

Americans should see what this nation's leaders have done in our name and should think twice before it calls itself exceptional. ISIS is this nation's creation as it landed on a sovereign country, bombed it, crushed it into submission and dismembered an entire Middle East region  based on LIES for oil. 

Our nation became TRILLIONS more in debt from it, took showers in blood out of it and condemned our nation as well as foreign nations to eternal war because of it.
There are GENERATIONS of Iraqis ... little children... who know nothing but war and hellacious violence. As Michael Ware said on Chris Hayes, Iraq has Belgiums at least twice a week while our candidates talk about whose hands are bigger and whose genitals have more prowess. It is DISGUSTING and we should know ALL that this documentary will tell us because you surely will NEVER know watching the Today show, Good Morning America or some other silly ass programming the networks feed us to keep us dumbed down and them in cash. 

Elections matter and the Bushes were our poisonous asps spewing their venom into our veins and into the marrow of our bones. Imagine if Al Gore, the one who truly won the presidency, in 2000 had been president...Imagine. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE again if we want our nation to survive. A Republic said Benjamin Franklin of the new nation the Founders created -- IF you can keep it! I hope we can.

Only the Dead See the End

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